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The Temptation to Quit

With about two weeks to go before the Dopey Challenge begins, I find myself battling the temptation to pull back on my training. I’ve stuck to my running schedule, no matter where we were over the last year – vacations and all. But here (apparently) is where it gets hard.

Last weekend I finished my longest run of the training schedule – 9 miles on Friday and 20 miles on Saturday – and I did it away from home. I even totaled about 44 miles for the week. It was hard. My friends and family congratulated me. In prior training efforts I’ve hit a wall before my 20-mile long run and felt the desire to quit. But this time I managed to get to the longest part of the training program without too much mental fatigue. I was proud of myself.

And then came the week after – which coincides (nicely?) with the Christmas holidays. I so want to sleep in, put my feet up, sit by a cozy fire with some coffee in my pjs — to schedule my holidays without trying to squeeze in both a sleep-in and a run before family festivities.

And yet, the race is so close and I’ve already worked so hard. My legs are tired. My feet are tired. Apparently, my brain is also tired.

So, I will wake up in the morning and pick up my training program right where it is. I will savor my rest days, but only as they are scheduled, and I won’t create any new ones.

I know I’m prepared and I know I can do it, but the challenge for the next two weeks will have little to do with the miles and will be, instead, to maintain the dedication and confidence to continue the preparation to the very end.

If you want donate to my Dopey Challenge, you can do so here. Thank You.


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