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Giving Thanks

I’ve seen many pictures of Turkey Trot runs and Thanksgiving dinner tables today. I’m still mid-training schedule for the Dopey in January, so I made sure to fit in my training run – but it wasn’t a Turkey Trot of the type I’m used to (cold, wet, rainy). On my 8 miles today, I had plenty of time to contemplate what I’m thankful for. Here’s what I came up with.

  1. I’m thankful that I am capable of running. I injured myself a few weeks ago and had to take about 2 weeks away from my training schedule. It stressed me out. I got anxious about whether I could complete my training schedule; scared I would let myself and my charity down. It was hard to listen to the people around me (fellow runners, coaches, and overall good people) when they told me that it would all work out and I just needed to let my body heal. But, heal it did and when I ran this morning I spent a good deal of time noticing where it didn’t hurt – and I am thankful for all of it.
  2. I’m thankful for all my family (both blood and chosen family). We couldn’t all spend the day together this year, but through the benefits of technology, I’ve been able to touch base with most of them today in one way or another. We are spread across the globe – and still so connected. That alone is inspiring to me.
  3. I am thankful for the luxury of time. We didn’t have big plans or a big gathering this year. I still have to go to work tomorrow. But today I gave myself the time to do exactly what I wanted to do and nothing more. I got to cook the Thanksgiving menu I wanted; I got to run after breakfast; I got to watch cooking shows in the morning and football in the afternoon.

And I’m thankful for how this blog grounds me and makes me present in what I do. I’m always thinking about how to translate my experiences onto a post – which means that I have to be present in what I’m doing – observing it as it happens; noticing the small things and the larger context. I started this project as a way of documenting my journey to the Dopey Challenge for myself, and my friends and family. It remains a platform for that and my fundraising efforts. But it has become more for me – it has become a means of mindfulness and gratitude as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.

If you want donate to my Dopey Challenge, you can do so here. Thank You.


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