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Cross Training

I have a love-hate relationship with cross training. It is one of those things that I know I need more of, but struggle to find the motivation or time in my larger work-life-training schedule.

For example, I have a training schedule this week that has me running every day. How do I fit in meaningful cross training in a normal week that also includes work, family, and community involvement?

Finding the time is one thing, but the biggest hurdle for me is a mental one – and one of trust in the purpose and effectiveness of the effort. How do I include productive cross training without negatively impacting my daily running regimen?

Last week I took a bootcamp-style class at a local gym. I was simultaneously proud of my body’s ability to do all those weighted squats in the moment and fearful of the physical implications later – would I be able to walk the next day?? It turned out, walking the next several days was hard
(T observed that I looked a bit like Jar Jar Binks as I walked
liltingly through the house for a couple days). Running was actually easier than walking and I kept to my running schedule, but I definitely lost speed on those runs.

Certainly, my continued use of my legs and devotion to my running practice (even if slower than I’d prefer) helped me recover. Also, certainly, I continued to build muscle. I could feel the strength built in my knees and hips as my muscles healed.

This week, I took a different strength training class – one probably more appropriate for being this far into my training program (with the half marathon less than 2 weeks away). I feel it today, but it isn’t enough to slow me down or keep me from running.

I know these classes are imperative to prevent injury and increase strength. Yet, I continue to struggle to incorporate cross training into my larger running schedule. But I’m trying, which is the best I can do.


2 thoughts on “Cross Training

  1. Don’t lnow how long you’ve been doing it but when I first started I was really sore for the first few weeks and then it really improved. Now I hardly ever get sore.

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    1. I know that’s true, objectively. My challenge is trying to find time to devote to it while getting all my runs in each week also – and having the faith that it will hurt less over time.


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